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How does Project Sara work?

(Online Ordering & Receiving In 4 Steps)

Process of outsourcing from Project Serra Institute (Project 1400) from start to finish


Submit Order

The applicant can first submit a project order using one of the ordering methods (ordering via telegram, whatsapp, email or site order submission form) and with a full explanation of the purpose and details of the job. The request can include any outsourcing.

Reviews and pricing

Reviews and pricing

After submitting the order, the project sara experts provide the client with the necessary advice on the relevant order and determine the base price. The price of a project is determined by the amount of difficulty and approximate time it takes to do it.

Prepayment deposit and start the project

Prepayment deposit and start the project

After pricing, finally our team will send your outsourcing order after you agree with the price offered to the relevant experts. Upon deposit 50% of the requested order will start.

Settle and receive the project

Settle and receive the project

Upon completion of the order, the initial results of the work will be sent to the applicant demo. After complete settlement, the final project file will be sent to the applicant. The applicant can benefit from support or possible corrections.

Acceptance of outsourcing orders by Project Institute 1400

Providing services for corporate, entrepreneurial, academic and specialized projects.

Variation in acceptance of outsourcing order

Project Sara Details (Group 1400)

The best successes are always those who value their time and money.

Successful project ordering

Successful project ordering


Success in project collaboration

Outsourcing Acceptance

Outsourcing Acceptance

Understanding customer needs and delivering quality work is our motto.

Standardization of projects 100
Fast delivery 100
Low cost 100
up to date 100
Accepting different projects 90
Permanent support 100

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