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Civil Engineering Project Order

Civil engineering project Order

Project Sara Institute (Project 1400) is ready to advise and implement your Civil project in any field, so in Project sara, civil engineers have come together to help us in this regard and take a step forward in society. One of the most special projects is Civil project.

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What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems،railways, pipelines, structural components of buildings.


Hire an Civil Engineering!

At Project1400.com, you can hire an expert to do Civil projects. No matter how big your budget is, we have the right expert for your project.

For example, some civil engineering projects include:

  • Bridge analysis and design
  • Conducting Analysis – Coverage – Linear and Nonlinear Timeline – Spectrum in SAP Software, ETABS
  • Analysis and design of concrete and steel structures using SAP, ETABS, SAFE software and presentation of calculation booklet and executive plan
  • Analysis and design of special structures [shed, space structure (flat, double layer, dome with Formian software), billboard, mast, etc.]
  • Carrying out water and sewage projects with Watercad, WaterGams, Sewercad, Epanet, ModFlow software
  • Perform EXCEL + macro writing projects in Excel
  • Static and dynamic analysis of foundations
  • Carrying out the AutoCAD project
  • Doing the Tekla Structures project
  • Do geostudio project
  • Carrying out the Etabs project
  • SAFE project
  • Do SAP
  • Do Graphisoft Archicad
  • FLAC project
  • Project STAAD.Pro
  • Execution of MATLAB
  • construction project

Online Ordering & Receiving In 4 Steps

Process of outsourcing from Project Serra Institute (Project 1400) from start to finish

Reviews and pricing

Reviews and pricing

Prepayment deposit and start the project

Prepayment deposit and start the project

Settle and receive the project

Settle and receive the project

About Us.

Project sara is a international company by number of users and projects, since 2011.

Why us? 

  • Complete knowledge of Civil Engineering
  • As an engineer, have an idea of how things work
  • Cheap rates.
  • Includes revision
  • Easy to communicate with
  • Fast delivery
  • Comments will be also added in the script
  • Guaranteed full marks in assignments!