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Project Sara Institute (Project 1400) is ready to advise and implement your Electronic project in any field, so in Project sara, Electronic specialists have come together to help us in this regard and take a step forward in society.One of the most special projects that has a relatively complex science is Electronic.

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What Is Electronic?

Electronics is the study of how to control the flow of electrons. It deals with circuits made up of components that control the flow of electricity. Electronics comprises the physics, engineering, technology and applications that deal with the emission, flow and control of electrons in vacuum and matter.  Electrical components like transistors and relays can act as switches.


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At Project1400.com, you can hire an expert to do Electronic projects. No matter how big your budget is, we have the right expert for your project.

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The 1400 project specialists are able to do the project with psim, digsilent, Maxwell, matlab, quartus, simulator, Modelsim HFSS, ADS, ISE, CST software, which are done with the highest quality in the shortest possible time, as well as reasonable and reasonable cost of the agreement. will be. Some of the most frequently accepted orders:

  •  Carrying out microcontroller projects
  • Carrying out the ARM project
  • AVR project
  • Project STM8
  • Rasbperry pi project
  • Carrying out monitoring projects
  • Carrying out industrial controller project
  • Perform project based on operating system boards
  • Cubieboard project
  • Orange Pi project
  • Carrying out the automation project, such as carrying out the food delivery reservation machine project, performing the absence attendance machine project
  • Car project and navigation such as GPS tracking
  • Carrying out projects for the construction of various laboratory devices
  • Carrying out a project to build a medical device
  • Carrying out a project to build a pharmaceutical device
  • Carrying out data design and construction project
  • Perform project writing and module launching
  • PCB design project
  • Carrying out student electronic projects

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Reviews and pricing

Reviews and pricing

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Prepayment deposit and start the project

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Settle and receive the project

About Us.

Project sara is a international company by number of users and projects, since 2011.

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  • Complete knowledge of Electronic
  • As an engineer, have an idea of how things work
  • Cheap rates.
  • Includes revision
  • Easy to communicate with
  • Fast delivery
  • Comments will be also added in the script
  • Guaranteed full marks in assignments!