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  • General layout design with Safe software

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what is Safe?

SAFE by Computers and Structures Inc. (CSI) is a powerful tool in Slab Analysis using finite element method or finite element analysis (FEA). In this particular software, you can design and analyze the horizontal members of a building not only the slabs and each type, but also the beams and different types of foundations from isolated, combined, strip, raft, pile caps, and others.  Whether those are reinforced and post-tensioned concrete, SAFE has “no sweat” analyzing it.

The most likely behavior of these elements that we are analyzing for depends on how we modeled it. To come up for the design results in the SAFE program, the key is that we should model the design strips. Without this, we can see no design results of the element we are analyzing. Design strips will determine the number of bars we need in a particular area. This is also essential not only for getting the number of reinforcing bars but also in getting the output results of the stresses like the shear and moment values and the diagrams of the particular member. All of these can only be done by the proper definition of our design strips so we can arrive in an accurate result of the analysis.

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