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What Is Justification Plan?

The plan explains how the product will include features that customers want and need and why the product should not retain features that turn off customers.A justification plan is a report that shows the justification or inability of a project or plan to be done from different dimensions.The most vital justification for a structured marketing plan is how well it communicates the virtues of its product. Start-ups need to prepare and present a justification plan in order to obtain a license from the organization and receive bank facilities or attract investors. Since investors and various institutions are reluctant to invest in unsuccessful projects and plans, you must be extremely careful in writing a justification plan.

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How to write a justification plan:


1-Specifications of the project executor
2- Explanations of the justification plan:
3- Specifications of legal licenses
4- Product or service specifications
5- Financial estimation and forecasting | Write a justification plan
6- Estimating investment costs
7- Plan implementation of the project:

According to the needs and estimates of the initial implementation, planning and scheduling of project implementation is provided.

A number of justification plans made by Project1400:

  • Writing a tourism justification plan
  • Writing a cultural justification plan
  • Write a justification plan for getting a loan
  • Writing a tourism justification plan
  • Writing an industrial justification plan
  • Writing an economic justification plan
  • Write a business justification plan


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