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what is abaqus software?

Abaqus FEA (formerly ABAQUS) is a software suite for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering, originally released in 1978. The name and logo of this software are based on the abacus calculation tool. The Abaqus product suite consists of five core software products:

  1. Abaqus/CAE, or “Complete Abaqus Environment” (a backronym with an root in Computer-Aided Engineering). It is a software application used for both the modeling and analysis of mechanical components and assemblies (pre-processing) and visualizing the finite element analysis result. A subset of Abaqus/CAE including only the post-processing module can be launched independently in the Abaqus/Viewer product.
  2. Abaqus/Standard, a general-purpose Finite-Element analyzer that employs implicit integration scheme (traditional).
  3. Abaqus/Explicit, a special-purpose Finite-Element analyzer that employs explicit integration scheme to solve highly nonlinear systems with many complex contacts under transient loads.
  4. Abaqus/CFD, a Computational Fluid Dynamics software application which provides advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities with extensive support for preprocessing and postprocessing provided in Abaqus/CAE.
  5. Abaqus/Electromagnetic, a Computational electromagnetics software application which solves advanced computational electromagnetic problems.
abaqus sofware

A number of projects done with Abaqus software

  • Simple linear analysis with Abaqus
  • The most complex nonlinear modeling with Abaqus
  • Static and dynamic linear and nonlinear analysis of structures with Abaqus
    Limited component analysis (linear and nonlinear) with Abaqus
  • Impact analysis and failure with Abaqus
  • Simulation of failure in Abaqus
  • Crack simulation and crack growth
  • Analysis of buckling and vibration
  • Rolling process modeling
  • Static, dynamic, acoustic, shock, buckling, fatigue, modal, shock, aviary, thermal analysis
  • Metal forming (plate traction, forging, deep traction, rolling, extrusion)
  • Modeling a variety of materials with different properties and behaviors such as metals, tires, polymers, composites, reinforced concrete, spring foams as well as brittle as well as geotechnical materials such as soil and stone
  • Reinforcement of structures with dampers
  • Structural optimization using algorithms
  • Structural seismic design with Abaqus
  • Structural design based on performance level
  • Seismic assessment of concrete and steel structures
  • Dynamic and static analysis of concrete and steel structures
  • Impact of structural soil interaction indirectly
  • Effect of explosion on concrete and steel structures
  • Concrete and steel structure failure index
  • Spatial structures with Abaqus
  • Formation and types of manufacturing processes
  • Pressure tank analysis
  • Tension analysis and temperature coupling
  • Welding and heat transfer
  • Targeted Materials (FGM)
  • Abaqus project by subroutine writing (Dflux, Umat, VUmat, dlload, usdfld, udisp)

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